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With a fixed part of my incomes I support the following organization:


2013 – 2014:

MBA Innovation Management, University of Ludwigshafen, Germany

since 2011:

Freelancer, consultant

2006 – 2011:

VP R&D Losan Pharma, Neuenburg, Germany

1999 - 2006:

Head Pharmaceutical Development Ratiopharm Group, Germany

1997 – 1999:

Lab Manager R&D, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany

1992 – 1997:

Pd.D.Student Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Kiel, Germany

1987 – 1992:

Study of pharmacy, University of Kiel, Germany

1985 – 1987:

Technician in pharmaceutical solids production, Hamburg, Germany

Your Advantages

My decades of operative experience in pharma R&D has given me an in depth knowledge of the industry, its different disciplines, markets, product categories and companies.

As your partner, I will bring this knowledge to bear on your project, whether it’s as part of your product development team or by supporting your firm’s R&D Management. You’ll find my approach to be hands on, professional and practical. You’ll get a professional, pragmatic partnership without the hype and hyperbole of a consultancy.

Put my skills and experience to work for you:

  • Extensive experience in managing and executing drug product development and tech transfers of NCEs, generics, added value generics, Rx line extensions, OTC and food supplement products
  • Experience with a broad range of companies and markets from innovators, research-based companies and generics manufacturers to small and midsize technology companies
  • Strong hands on mentality with extensive operative practical experience in oral solids
  • mindset open to new approaches, ideas and working procedures
  • Full service product development from idea to launch

My Network

My years of professional experience have enabled me to build up a network of reliable partners who offer a variety of services relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

My confidence and trust in these partners is based on many successful past collaborations and I do not hesitate to recommend the following companies found here and many others, according to the competencies required.

Whatever you need. And more.

The Kraahs Approach.

There’s an undeniable tension between fostering creativity on one hand and harnessing the results of this by operative processes on the other. This is no different in the world of pharma R&D where innovative ideas must be reconciled with standard processes and regulations.

My work is helping you successfully navigate this tension so that both creativity and structure are in balance with each other.

Many pharma companies get tied into adopting production and supply chain business excellence concepts that simply don‘t match their R&D needs  Lean management, Six Sigma, KPIs and many more have their place – but incorrectly applied also to R&D organisations and innovation, they will kill all the creativity and innovation impulses within your company. Let me help you find the concept that will work for you.

Together, we can improve your R&D Management systems, tools, organization and processes. You will emerge with a sustainable, creative, continuously learning and self-improving organization – one which consistently aims for high performance product developments and best in class quality. Don’t let your organization settle for anything less than a creative and open mindset within a stable framework of processes, structure and quality requirements. An R&D culture that brings all of this together is within reach.

Let’s partner to manage your real operative product development projects with competence, long technical experience, high level scientific knowledge and professional systems and tools. From idea to launch and beyond.

If you choose to work with me and my network, we will take a real team approach to addressing your needs. Confidence, reliability, open communication and an effective hands-on collaboration style will get you where you need to go.

I look forward to meeting with you and your organization to see how I can support you, your people and products in meeting the challenges which you face.