I will challenge your organisation, culture, mindset and working processes with all my experience.

I have made the experience with several service providers around the world that customer orientation in many cases had a very low priority.

Unfortunately, many service providers still don’t understand that a strong commitment to serve the customer and to implement an absolute service mindset should become an essential part of the company culture. Together with the strong customer orientation, service providers should target to become a high level consultant and reliable partner for the customers in order to realize a long term relationship. Become the preferred partner of your customers !

This also means that you as a high level service provider you are able to work with your clients on equal level regarding scientific approaches, quality systems, project management, communication and general professionalism. You know exactly your customer’s needs, expectations, background, strategy, targets and way of working. Based on that you are able to support and provide advices on highest level. As a high-level service provider you know that each customer needs a different level and approach of collaboration, as an expert in your field you are flexible enough to adjust the services and way of collaboration for each of your customers individually. The clients recognize you as highly reliable professional experts they can entrust their important strategic projects. Absolute customer orientation does not mean to always accept everything, but also means that your customer will consider your recommendations as a reliable expert.

Let me support your organisation to become a service provider on highest level !

I will challenge your organisation, culture, mindset and working processes with all my experience in that field, working as a service provider for more than 13 years but also on behalf of my clients in the roll as a customer with many service providers in different markets and regions.